BCM215 Digital Artefact Pitch – Easter eggs, secrets and concealed subtleties in games

If the term Easter egg makes you consider hunting down concealed jokes, details, messages, pictures and stores in video games and not the easter holiday, then welcome to my digital artefact! Finding an Easter egg in a video game can leave you confused, amused or even creeped out but that doesn’t make the catch any less fun! It seems like developers just can’t help themselves. The term was instituted around 1979 by Steve Write, director of software development in the Atari consumer division to “portray a shrouded message in the Atari computer game experience”

Who doesn’t adore Easter eggs!? These shrouded little mysteries that are either silly odd or a callback to a previous instalment alongside the opportunity of a crossover from another establishment. There’s generally a bundle of secrets in each game release and I’m certain that there are plenty of hidden gems still concealed in our favourite games delivered so far this year. My digital artefact plans to reveal these secrets through the production of a site that is both engaging and appealing to all players.

I am hugely fascinated with video games and have been playing since I was a young age. The first video game I remember playing was Halo 2 where you take the role of a suited up hero kicking alien ass. It was also the first time as a kid I discovered the idea of “Easter eggs” and “secrets”, whereupon playing I unearthed a massive soccer ball circulating the fields of the fight between the covenant and marines. It both astounded and confused me as a child in an intriguing manner.

Each week I will be following a critical timetable that highlights what needs to be completed each week. My standard schedule will comprise of:
-developing ideas
-evaluating on ideas
-distinguishing resources
-establishing errands
-editing clips
-transferring information to the site
-referring and crediting sources
-finalising posts
-imparting to network/community (Reddit & Twitter)

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Author: jonolow

19 / BCM / UOW

5 thoughts on “BCM215 Digital Artefact Pitch – Easter eggs, secrets and concealed subtleties in games”

  1. Hi Jono! I found your video and blog post really interesting, I think your topic of easter eggs is one that will be fascinating to learn about and provide you with endless possibilities! Easter eggs are a really unique part of games that keep audiences engaged and leave a lot of unanswered questions and theories. Just as you have looked at some of the best easter eggs in games, I think it would be equally as beneficial to your understanding of the topic to look at examples where the easter eggs have not worked as intended, or at all for that matter. I found this article you might find interesting! https://www.svg.com/135906/easter-eggs-that-totally-backfired/ I think in understanding what makes something good sometimes you have to look at what doesn’t work 🙂 Week 6’s lecture also had some info on easter eggs, so I would definitely suggest watching if you haven’t already! An interesting point to further investigate would be how easter eggs changed the way the audience feels about a game and its designer. Hope this helped and I’m looking forward to where your DA goes in future!


  2. Hey Jono, I like the concept of exploring Easter Eggs and that Halo 2 sparked your excitement for it. I liked hearing about how long-ago Easter Eggs were implemented into video games in the 1980 game Adventure.

    You say you are aiming for a millennial audience, but there is no guarantee that they will know what an Easter Egg is? Will you be going straight in depth with specific Easter eggs or will you aim your content for beginners and give an overview of what they are?
    I really like this article explaining the costs of developing Easter eggs, as they are viewed as an ‘unnecessary’ addition to video games and how some game companies even budget Easter eggs into their schedule. It explains how the Stanley Parable added in Easter Eggs.

    I like the idea of gathering content from everywhere such as Reddit and Youtube, being in the community will help with your information gathering.

    Good luck with your DA Jono

    Liked by 1 person

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